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Code of Ethics

I intend to be truthful in representing myself and my training, experience, and abilities.

I intend to be truthful in representing the results of my work. I do not promise benefits that I can’t deliver.

I follow the practice of informed consent: letting clients know what I expect to do, and getting your consent for my plan and before taking action.

I intend to render care regardless of superficial differences such as personal appearance, origins or beliefs.

I maintain unconditional positive regard for clients.

I intend to maintain a safe and hygienic practice space.

Realizing the energetic impact that I have on clients, I intend to keep both words and thoughts relevant and clear of personal judgment and projection to the best of my abilities.

I intend to be especially scrupulous about ethics when working with clients who have life-threatening illnesses or conditions. I am not here to undermine any official medical diagnosis nor give advice on a medical basis.

I do not make promises to heal life-threatening health issues.

I intend to do no harm to the physical, mental or emotional well-being of clients.

I do not intend to exceed the scope of my practice. I do not attempt to diagnose medical or psychological conditions and do not intend to undermine existing diagnosis.


I respect the boundaries of your space and my work does not involve physical touch. I do not intend to provide physical touch in my work.

I encourage my clients to seek and follow medical or mental health advice when they have an official medical or mental health diagnosis. This is simply one resource for healing and personal growth and is not all-encompassing.

I will not initiate or allow any sexual or romantic contact or relations with clients (or allow violation of any other boundaries that make myself or clients feel uncomfortable).

I intend to keep sessions strictly confidential.

I will never pressure clients to make subsequent appointments.

I intend to be above-board and completely scrupulous in business matters. This includes maintaining required licenses, keeping records, and paying taxes and business fees.

I intend to recognize my own limits and my own needs for support.


I intend to have a program of self-care.


I intend to seek advice and support from others when needed and to actively and continually pursue personal and professional growth so that I can provide services to the best of my capabilities.

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