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About This Work

& The Journey of Jona Sol

I support women and femme identifying people of marginalized identities in being powerful and free from the weight of the past by focusing on subtle energy, or thought patterns, belief systems, and past trauma and wounds. We will take a look at what is no longer serving you and take the time and space to release or transmute that energy and clear the way for something new and nourishing. In doing so, we are moving these blocks out of our way so that our goals and passions are attainable. Once we release the wounding or old patterning, we intentionally create new beliefs and bring in new ways of thinking to crystallize a new way of being that is sustainable and integrous. 


Together we can create a session schedule so that I can continually be of support to you while you integrate this new material. I will provide you with tools to create containment, structure and flow in your life so that you can leave our sessions empowered and inspired with practical actions to take.

It is my intention and my practice to be a mirror and hold unbiased, objective space for you to go on your own journey of self-discovery while I facilitate a safe and integrated experience. I believe in Self as Self-Healer and this is the general context in which we enter this space together. You have everything you need within you and around you already, and we will clear blocks out of the way so that you can continue to access and use this innate power. 

I specialize in self-love, trusting oneself and opening up to one's own intuition, transmutation of personal blocks into personal empowerment, and non-traditional relationship coaching.

My background is in Shamanic Healing, leadership, and personal development, and I use these tools in each session to create a unique and intuitive experience for badass women to discover their personal vision and deconstruct what blocks them from accessing their power so that they can move forward with clarity, wholeness, and happiness and have the lives of their dreams.

I am currently working out of my home in Colorado.

I provide sessions either in person or remotely by Zoom or phone call.


Why Do I Do This Work?

I crave to experience a world of human beings seeing each other clearly because we know ourselves deeply. I believe that it takes work of all kinds and on many levels to truly transform the world and heal the Earth, and I desire to support individual in healing herself, as this is the very heart of the journey. 

When we discover ourselves, we are more eager to discover each other. When we love ourselves, we are more open to receiving love and loving others.


When we are unafraid, we cease fearing one another.

I am here because I desire powerful clarity, unshakable authenticity, shameless expression, and unwavering belief in oneself for myself and all individuals. It is in this plane that we will meet and heal ourselves and each other.

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